Wednesday 4 January 2017

Language Hotkeys removed by itself in Windows 10 after sleep or restart

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I have four keyboards and I have defined Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 and Ctrl+3 ... hot-keys for them. The problem is that either all of the hot-keys or the first one is removed regularly. For example every time the computer goes to sleep (or even locked) all of them are removed.
I even tried other hot-keys (Ctrl+Shift+1, ... Ctrl+Shift+4) or (Alt+Shift+1, ... Alt+Shift+4) and the problem still exist.
If I assign a transition key (Left Shift+Alt) it will work but that's not that useful when you have more than 2 keyboards and you want to regularly change the keyboard.
It appears that the problem has existed in Windows 8 too (and has something to do with welcome screen) but the solution I found does not work on Windows 10 (

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I finally found the solution and I am posting, in case someone else has the problem.
1- Define your hot-keys.
2- Search and find the "region" settings palette and go to administrative tab.
region-administrative tab
Now go to "Copy Settings" section.
copy settings
Select both tick boxes below the window and press ok.
In my case this applied the settings in a way that they are no more removed.

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