Wednesday 11 March 2015

Tools I liked

  1.  TCP Port Scan with Nmap  - scan ports, port ranges, ...
  2. JSON Viewer - simple and do all u need (Other one )
  3. HTML Formatter - good one
  4. YUI Compressor Online JavaScript/CSS - well known YUI Compressor online
  5.  / - super mail for one time registration / entrance
  6. - remote js console window
  7. - great a tool for iOS developers to deploy Development and Ad hoc iOS applications directly to the device
  8. Javascript jsbeautifier  - Online fomatter Javascript / HTML
  9. XShell  - super ssh / telnet /sftp client
  10. ICO creator online - png to ico convertor
  11. HTML 2 Jade  - onlne convertor
  12. Jade 2 HTML - onlne convertor
  13. Icons / Glyphs generator -
  14. Clink  Linux like Windows Cmd
  15. GoAccess - real-time web log analyzer (IIS, nginx, etc)
  16. XnView Image Viewer - my preferred
  17. Get UDID of IPHONE
  18. ConEmu -   Super console for Windows, with full screen, Linux-like goods
  19. Image to css data uri (embedded image ) - A simple utility to convert an image into base 64 data URIs for embedding images.
  20. nvm-windows - node.js version management
  21. WinCDEmu - CD/DVD/BD emulator Open source
  22. - Super console for Windows -  ConEmu + Clink


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