Saturday 24 March 2018

How to switch the editor in mc (midnight commander) from nano to mcedit?

There are several ways, 2 worked for me

1. Press the following keys in order, one at a time:

  1. F9 Activates the top menu.
  2. o Selects the Option menu.
  3. c Opens the configuration dialog.
  4. i Toggles the use internal edit option.
  5. s Saves your preferences.
alt text

2. Working on Debian

Run MC as usual. On the command line right above the bottom row of menu selections type select-editor. This should open a menu with a list of all of your installed editors. This is working for me on all my current Linux machines.

3. Open a Terminal and type this command:

sudo update-alternatives --config editor
You will get an list of the installed Editors in your Ubuntu, and you can chose your favorite.